I’m still learning how this site works, so if I do something odd, please forgive me. Also, the history and background of this particular universe is quite extensive. The only one who knows most of it is Michael. He has related a lot to me, but there is much to grasp, so I am passing on an overview. If a question is asked, I will attempt to answer it.

The humans of Rhodenitia are descended from exiled Tellurians who rebelled against the then-in-power government. (More on that at a later time in another story.) In this universe (or Michael’s universe) Tellus is a planet that occupies the area we call the asteroid belt (in our Solar System). The exiles were sent to Rhodenitia in several ships which became the basis of the major cities of the humans in Riga, Sadar and other places. One ship, a small cruiser, houses an AI known only as The Oracle.

This will be added to later, but this is enough to start with.