This section will contain, as the title states, well known (in the human habitations of Rhodenitia) myths, legends, etc. It will be added to from time to time.

Most of the tales are based on historical events, but, like so many items of this nature, with time and re-tellings, some details have been blurred, left out, blended, or torqued to suit the audience.

Some of these tales will merely be mentioned in passing (Gee, doesn’t everyone know the tale of FITB? After all, it is a story told to children in their cradles.), others may be elaborated on if the main story requires it, still others may never be mentioned but are fun to tease our readers with.

Some items may be moved over to Rhodenitian History (Human) 101 when there is more elaboration of the events.

Sandar’s Vengeance

This event occured near the end of the First Empire – about 20,000 anums before CT.

Sandar I (son of Harahkahn II and great-grandson of Zorak I) re-took the city of Riga (before it disappeared) after rebels and assassins murdered the royal family in an attempt to break the royal line. Sandar was called out of the city to deal with a minor military emergency in one of the satellite towns which is why he survived. By custom, and to prevent another coup attempt, all members of the royal family wear lightweight narite-impregnated armor under their clothes at all times.

The Festival of Sandar’s Vengeance is a three day celebration of when Sandar I accomplished this feat. The High King wears a replication of Sandar’s armor during the festival and other Royals don replication armor to ‘play out’ Sandar’s successful re-taking of Riga. The Festival of Sandar’s Vengance usually culminates in a Grand Ball.

Second Empire

Sandar VI forged the Second Empire about 1000 anums before Riga’s disappearance. Fought the Mad Kings whose influence lasted about 7000 anums. Forged the new (current) Laws of Succession.

Bonded Triad of Two

A prophecy which, when fulfilled, is said to herald the end of Tukal-Var’s reign of power in the Southern Hemisphere. Most people believe this to be a child’s tale, told to encourage hope, especially when Tukal-Var’s Trog armies are being particularly agressive toward the Rigan and Sadaran Empires. Simply put – there is no way three can be two.

The Lost Draka (Dragons/Daemons) of Kallarif

Crystal egg-shaped seals that unlock specific gates. Theron wore one (the Oricalkis), disguised as a simple periapt (no longer in the OED – but an old word meaning amulet) when he met T’Aryn. He gave it to her to hold for Ylliana when he left to research the latest doings of The Grey Mages.