Many of the intelligent humanoids found on Rhodenitia are native to the planet, but some are not. That one race did not become predominate and wipe out the others are a scholars debate and not useful in this story.

Some entries will be expanded on later.

Ka’an – original intelligent life forms of Rhodenitia; somewhat sloth-like in appearance

Akavanni – first alien race to visit Rhodenitia. They originally shared the planet with the Ka’ans. Ancestors of the Sivanti. One colony surviving by T’Aryn’s time.

Vittanni – Oldest of the ‘human’ peoples of Sadar; their minds are their principal source of power; extremely long-lived (10 thousand years is ‘normal’)

Kwarath – second of the ‘human’ races; their skill is in technological creations – i.e. they can build anything; the Rhodenitian ‘Gods’ come from their ranks

Sharath – third of the co-existing ‘human’ races; fairly long-lived and very prolific; these are the peoples of the Sadarian kingdoms (current inhabitants)

Sivanti – the race/nation of Croon and Ardronai. Croon are male, somewhat dwarfish in appearance/stature, prefer mountainous regions. Ardronai are female, somewhat elvish in appearance, prefer forests and secluded vales. They have a very pale bluish cast to their skin and, like most Rhodenitians, have pointed ears.

Ilfalli – gypsy-types who live on the islands of the Thurad River and inland sea of Thuros; traders and suspected thieves

Vakari – a race that dwells in the mountains; warriors ride very large savadar; each rider is telepathically linked to his chosen mount from childhood

Avanni – The true Trog form. 6-7′ tall, golden skin, pointed ears, arched eyebrows, lion’s mane golden hair, life span indeterminate. Most other races refer to both types as Trogs.

Trogs – Avanni who have been exposed to corrupting radiation from Tukal-Var’s stronghold, Morgath, in his kingdom of Vygamar.